Several visitors to the page have encouraged me to give some information on myself - thank you - here it is:

About myself:

Born 1946, graduated as physician 1973. Postgradate education in various danish hospitals, mainly in northern Jutland. Specialist in internal medicine 1982, chief physician Frederikshavn Hospital 1987. Left this post in 2000 to be chief physician in the Department of Medicine, Queen Ingrid Hospital, Greenland. From 2008 freelance i Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Rwanda and India.
Pregraduate work in Sweden and India (1971-2).
From 2016, I decided to finish my work in medicine - after 43 years, in 43 hospitals in 7 countries.
Married to Inge, lab technician, in 1969 - and still is.
Our two children Rasmus and Marie are born in 1973 and 75. Rasmus is married to Susanne and is head of region in Silvan, Aalborg. They have two children, Sofie and Frederik. Marie finished her studies of medicine in june, 2005, and has her first years of training Greenland, but since has moved on to Tromsoe, Norway, to specialize in internal medicine - her father being a little bit proud of that. Now she lives in Kolding, working as a nephrologist, with Rasmus (not my son, though same name) who works with computers at C2-it.
Since many years, Inge and I have a small house far out in the countryside in northern Jutland - Blæsbjerg, where we spend some of the summer each year. After leaving Greenland in 2008, we bought an apartment in Saeby, close to the sea there.

About the home page:

Started in 2001 with a few lines and pictures from East Greenland, where I worked for a couple of months then and wanted to share my pictures of the beautiful nature. I used Netscape Composer for the first layout, but for all later improvements sheer html - it is not that difficult, lots of stuff on the net about how to do. After having tried hard on Linux OS in nearly all distributions for some years, I now use Ubuntu on all my systems - and the satisfaction of not using Microsoft is great - I enjoy the freedom and easy configuration to suit exactly my needs - and not those of Microsoft (or Apple).
For creating picture albums, I used JAlbum until 2008 - a fine piece of software - and free. But since then, I use Picasa from Google for editing and uploading - it may not have all the features of Photoshop and similar, but enough for me. Sometimes, though, I use GIMP in Linux and there Showfoto also. The page links to weather stations at our houses both in Blaesbjerg and Saeby, and to webcams both places as well. In Saeby it is Linksys WVC54GCA, , in Blaesbjerg a total of 10 different, surveying the place and in summer the birdnests. The webcam software Motion for linux. If you want more details about the stations, cams, hardware or software, then email me. There are quite a few facts to consider.

The pictures on the page - I have done amateur photography since 1957 and went digital in 1998. After seing the results of the Sony Cybershot F-707 with Vario Sonnar from Carl Zeiss, I gave all my analog equipment away - and since 2001 work only digital. I have also used Olympus (C400, C2000Z), Nikon 5700, and since 2005, Panasonic FZ20, which I changed to the FZ200 in 2012, boasting a x25 Leica zoom, f 2.8 in the whole range - very good, I think - and not very expensive either.
And my old slides? Scanned to PC using Nikon IVED - so all my 50000+ pictures now reside in the computer. All the old 8600+ slides can be found on the page - try Most of the analog photography was done with Minolta equipment. I hesitated to throw out the lenses, though, when I switched to digital, as some of them are quite good - so in 2006 I also bought a DSLR, Minolta 5D - shortly before Minolta was taken over by Sony, using Minolta technology including lens mount for their DSLR alfa-series. This merger is an advantage for me, as Sony also has taken over Zeiss, probably the best lens manufacturer in the world. - So now, I have the option of using my old Minolta lenses on my 5D - AND add Zeiss lenses too. So far, I have added the Zeiss 16-80mm zoom, however, this has disppointed me a bit.

Comments - also of bugs - and questions about the page are always welcome - JJ (Jens-Joergen) and full - in danish: Jens-Jørgen Kjærgaard